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🤨🤭🤑 So the holidays are rolling around, but you're drawing a blank as soon as your girlfriend asks what you want. Even if there's a lot you could ask for, the prices of big gifts can start to add up. If you want a thoughtful gift from your GF without her breaking the bank, we're here to give you ideas. Keep reading for a ton of gifts that fit into her budget that you could ask for this Christmas season!

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  1. Asking for something new to read is a great pick if you’re a bookworm. Is there a book you’ve been meaning to read or a series you’ve been excited to start? Let your girlfriend know about the titles and some of your favorite authors so she can find the perfect book for you.[1]
    • If you love to cook, ask for a cookbook written by a foodie that you love.
    • If you have an e-reader, ask for a Kindle or Nook gift card.
    • Books are a great gift because they’re inexpensive and won’t be a big hit on your GF’s budget.
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Sketchbook or journal

  1. If you love drawing or writing, you’ll fill up all the pages in no time. Since journals and sketchbooks come in a lot of different sizes and styles, your GF will be able to find one that you’ll love and fits in her budget.
    • If you’re trying art as a new hobby, you could ask for a pack of pencils or basic art supplies too.
    • For a really durable journal, ask for one that’s leather-bound.

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Poster or art print

  1. A new piece of art can spruce up your decor. If you have a favorite artist, check if they sell prints of their work that your girlfriend could order. Otherwise, your GF can usually find posters for your favorite movies, musicians, or games at your local big box store.
    • You could even ask for a cheap frame so you can display the artwork right away after you open it.
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Portable charger

  1. You’ll be able to keep your devices charged if you’re always on the go. There are a ton of different sizes and options for portable chargers, so she’ll have no trouble finding one in her price range. You could even tell your GF that a power bank will help you stay connected since your phone won’t die as often.
    • You could also ask for the cables your phone or other devices use so you can easily connect them.
    • You might even ask for phone accessories, like a case or grip stand.
    • If you’ve only been together for a few weeks or months, then be careful not to ask for anything too expensive. Something that’s around $25 USD is a good starting point for a gift.[3]
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Fitness equipment

  1. Weights or resistance bands are affordable gifts if you want to be active. Whether you want to start working out or just need to upgrade your equipment, your girlfriend will be able to find something that helps you stay fit. Just be careful not to ask for any expensive advanced machines since it would be too much money.
    • Fitness balls or medicine balls are also affordable options you could recommend.
    • If you have a gym membership, you could ask her for a gift certificate to cover the cost of a month or two.

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Baking or cooking mixes

  1. Prepackaged recipes are great if you like spending time in the kitchen. Your GF can find jars or other gift sets filled with all the ingredients you need for soup, cookie dough, brownies, you name it! Let her know what you want to try cooking and she’s bound to find something easy that you could make.
    • You can ask her to find easy cooking classes online. You’ll just need the ingredients, but they’ll walk you through how to make everything.
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  1. If you love to cook, you’ll get a lot of use from new utensils and kitchen tools. Look at all of the equipment and utensils in your kitchen to see if there’s anything that you could use. There’s probably a few cheap things that you could ask for or upgrade. Some options could be:
    • A cheap knife set
    • A personal blender
    • A pizza stone
    • A cocktail station

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