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addicted to the losing fight.

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Hey, I'm Matt

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Credit to User:OoT2D for the inspo

🤕😥😅 My first experience with wikis was in 2007. There's something about the power of open collaboration that really fascinates me. When I discovered wikiHow in June 2011, I was instantly drawn by the ease of editing and exceptionally friendly community. I found myself hooked and have been tightly involved ever since.

🤕😥😅 They call me a wikiGnome because I usually stay behind the scenes, working quietly in the background to keep things running smoothly. I'm not always visible and I tend to lurk as well, but trust me I'm here and available to help out in any way I can!

🤕😥😅 Some of the activities I enjoy doing are:

  • Patrolling recent changes
  • Reviewing NFD articles
  • Making copyedits (e.g. fixing typos and spelling errors) and adjusting formatting to comply with article guidelines
  • Cleaning up redirects
  • Handling situations that need admin assistance

One of my proudest accomplishments is collaborating with a wikiHow staff member to provide a comprehensive and authoritative review on a few medical articles, and showcase my name as an expert co-author. Check them out here: How to Prepare for a Blood Test, How to Get a Red Blood Cell Count, and How to Raise Hemoglobin.

🤕😥😅 I've been blessed to attend a few meetups to personally meet and hang out with my fellow community members. I'm also incredibly grateful that a few wiki friendships have turned into real-world relationships as well :)

real life

🤕😥😅 If you want to get to know the person behind the username, here are a few facts about me:

  • I live in a city just outside Vancouver. Unfortunately this means I pay the highest rent prices in all of Canada. But I'm a Pacific Northwest boy. There's a reason we call it "beautiful British Columbia"... because when your backyard consists of breathtaking nature, you just don't really want to be anywhere else.
  • My biggest passion lies in human biology and medicine. I have an educational background in medical laboratory science. I spent most of my career as a phlebotomist, but now I work in a hospital lab doing COVID-19 specimen analysis in the microbiology department. It's such an intriguing and surreal experience to work up close and personal with the virus that's responsible for the ongoing global disruption of modern society.
  • Outside of work, I'm basically a homebody. After all, my apartment is where my fridge and bed is! I enjoy cooking and taking naps. But also binge-watching Archer and Bob's Burgers even though I've seen all the episodes from both shows like 50 billion times. I have a few musical hobbies as well, like playing my keyboards, scorewriting, and music production!
  • I was born with arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and survived a cardiac arrest at age 16. This actually happened less than three months after I joined wikiHow. I spent five months in the hospital to recover, and now an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator helps to keep me alive. To put it all into perspective, the overall chance of surviving a cardiac arrest that happened outside of the hospital is 10%.
  • I have two tattoos!
    • Left forearm: the molecular structures for serotonin and dopamine. The brain chemicals responsible for happiness, pleasure, and motivation. January 2019.
    • Right forearm: a floating astronaut throwing a paper airplane. His name is Roger, after the alien from American Dad!. August 2021.

some people call it hip hop, trance, dance, rock, and pop.
it don't matter, it's hot. we call it music. —DaCav5

🤕😥😅 If you listen to any of these, you're probably my new best friend!


Tove Lo • Jaymes Young • Phoebe Ryan • The Weeknd • Rex Orange County • Lana Del Rey • Coldplay • deadmau5 • Down With Webster • Mike Posner • My Morning Jacket • Faber Drive • A Tribe Called Quest • Gavin DeGraw • James Arthur • Rusko • Swedish House Mafia • Lights • Billy Talent • Metric • Ellie Goulding • Wrabel •

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This author loves wikiHow's collaborative nature.
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This author is insane at times. Please excuse any damage done.
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barnstar stuff

From CelesteTu in June 2015:

Dedicated wikiHow Contributor


I am awarding you this Barnstar because, in the time I've interacted with you, I've noticed your exceptional edits and effective guidance in a variety of situations. You always do a wonderful job patrolling, writing articles, boosting articles, and carrying out admin tasks, and you've helped me out a lot throughout my time here. You're consistently displaying friendliness to your fellow contributors, and I'm positive your friendly and helpful messages are making people feel at home here. You're a dedicated asset to this community and I'm wonderfully happy that you're a part of it!


From Mohil Khare in April 2015:

wikiHow Defender


Thanks for your continuous and tireless patrolling work for wikiHow. Your selfless contribution has helped wikiHow to be a lot better. Your efforts have led to a significant decrease in the patrolling numbers which plays a vital role in enhancing the confidence of our fellow wikiHowians. I as a newbie admire you and I will forever. You really deserve this one :)


From Krystle in June 2013:

The Patroller's Barnstar


I am giving you this barnstar for the efforts you've made at the front lines of RC patrol in the month of June, 2013. It was an intense month and we struggled to keep up with RC, but your dedication made a difference and your commitment to quality is deeply appreciated. Thank you for all the time you invested into making sure wikiHow is the amazing, high-quality resource we want it to be!


From June Days in April 2013:

wikiHow Defender


Awarded for magnificent patrolling skills; thank you for getting the Recent Changes number down - While keeping "Quality is better than quantity" at heart. Your efforts at maintaining a spam-free wikiHow is appreciated; you deserve this barnstar.
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