Annabel lives in England,
Pronouns: she/her
On wikiHow over 4 years!

What I can help you with: Boosting, patrolling, editing/writing new articles, answering any questions and helping with any concerns you have.
What I know about: Disability, Chronic Pain, Childcare, British Sign Language.
What I'm learning about: Speech and Language Therapy.

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Use Speech Therapy to Treat Cerebral Palsy in Children 26
Sign Colours in British Sign Language (BSL)311
Breathe Through a Chronic Pain Flare Up252
Deal with a Muscle Spasticity Episode 8,447
Detect Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips in Infants 23,361
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Get Your Mom to Forgive You After You Do Something Stupid1 month ago
Know if You Are Genderfluid1 month ago
Succeed at Online School 1 month ago
Succeed at Virtual School 2 months ago
Stay Healthy in Small Ways2 months ago
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About Me:

Hey there! My name is Annabel. I was born with a form of Cerebral Palsy, called hemiplegia, and a hip condition called DDH. I have had multiple surgeries to try and correct my dislocated hip, including two last month, but these have been unsuccessful. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip, and other forms of chronic pain. These are conditions that leave me in constant pain that never go away no matter what I do to treat them.

After finding out that chronic pain was not talked about or heard of very much, I decided to join wikiHow, to share my knowledge and past experiences that I thought may help people out there with the same conditions as me, but also to spread awareness.

I've since written multiple articles about Chronic Pain, Cerebral Palsy, Hemiplegia and DDH.

I'm also a co-author here, sharing my knowledge and helping improve articles with my knowledge and fluency in British Sign Language, so let me know if you need any help in that area! You can learn some simple phrases, colours or numbers, if you'd like!

Since joining wikiHow on 4th August 2017, I have been welcomed into the welcoming and NAB team which I find very rewarding as I know my friendly tone is helping new users find their way around the site. If you have any questions about me, or the wiki, please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page or send me an email.

Comments That Get Me Through on Rough Days

"If only your hip was fluent in BSL, eh?? Okay, that was a bad joke. I shouldn't even send this. Watch as I click Post anyway ;)" - Anna

"Good good - what I liked seeing there most was "Follow Dr's Orders." You be good, even when I'm not here to badger you about it :P" - Anna

“Not a problem! It's the little things that count. You keep up the good work as well, it doesn't always get acknowledge, but it does get noticed =)” Qamar

“You know, sometimes following our own instructions can be the hardest. Be kind to yourself and celebrate the small wins :)” Jayne


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My Stats:

  • Gender: Female
  • Name: Annabel/Annie
  • Hobbies: wikiHow, studying, art, music
  • Experienced Fields: disability, childcare, Speech and Language Therapy, British Sign Language
  • Favourite color: pink
  • Siblings: 1
  • Languages: English, BSL
  • Pets: 4
  • Favourite Food: chocolate
  • Favourite Emoticon: <3

  • User Rights: Welcomer, Booster, NFD, Q&A Patrol, Answer Proof-Reader (verify)
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  • wikiBirthday: 4th August 2017

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