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Hi! I'm back after my 2 month wikiBreak. I live in a different time zone now, so I probably won't be able to respond to talk page messages too quickly.

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  1. Take Action to Stop Period Shaming
  2. Deal With Motion Sickness on a Plane
  3. Find a wikiHow User
  4. Find Reliable Life Hacks
  5. Convince Your Parents to Let You Quit an Activity
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This author dislikes people who overuse the ellipsis.
This user LOVES to ship people!
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  1. This one
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  3. Funny stuff


  1. Get a Barnstar
  2. Become Admin, Booster, or Welcomer
  3. Have one of my articles pass the Quality Review Test✅
  4. Find out how to change my Profile Picture without lagging!!! ✅

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Dr. Ivo "Robotnik" Eggman is based off pictures of Theodore Roosevelt.



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