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🤮🧐😓 New Article Boosters (also known as "NABers" or "boosters") take a closer look at new articles on wikiHow, and they help get good content out to readers and demote articles that need too much work to be promoted to fully published status. Boosters also play an important role in helping new writers get adjusted to wikiHow. Since boosters need to be familiar with our policies and have good coaching skills, contributors must take a test before being able to do NAB work. They are constructive with the new writers and take on the role of helping them and providing advice that will help with getting articles fully published.

Part 1
Part 1 of 2:
Preparing Yourself
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  1. 1
    Meet the mandatory and minimum requirements before taking the test. Please respect these requirements and only take the test if you meet the minimum requirements. If you do not possess all of the following, you will not be able to apply to become a booster. Taking the test early, before you qualify, will potentially set back the date when you can take it again.
    • Your wikiHow account is at least 30 days old.
    • At least 300 contributions on your account. To see how many contributions you have, go to your user page and scroll to the bottom. It will say "(Your Name) has made (number) contributions to wikiHow."
    • A valid and working email address. Please use a valid and working email address for all test parts and verify that it is typed in correctly, as this is the only way to receive any tests and/or responses.
  2. 2
    Study the following policies and guidelines carefully. Don't just read them; understand them. You'll be asked a variety of questions, such as whether certain titles should be changed or merged and how an article should be edited based on these policies. You're free to revisit these policies while you're taking any portion of the test.
    • Title policy
    • Merge policy
    • External links policy
    • How to Handle Recipes on wikiHow
    • Formatting guidelines
    • Writer's Guide
  3. 3
    Sharpen your copyediting, formatting, and cleanup skills. Try fixing some of the articles in Category:Cleanup, Category:Format, and Category:Copyedit. Some articles that you see in New Article Boost when you become a booster will require copyediting and some cleanup.
    • You can also use the Copyedit, Format, or Cleanup Greenhouses to automatically help you find articles based on your interests.
    • You can also try patrolling and editing some new articles at Special:NewPages. Make a good judgment about whether the articles should be promoted or demoted. If you think that the article should be promoted, you can make the "finishing touches" if it needs polishing. If you think that the article should be demoted, you do not have to edit it.
  4. 4
    Work on your communication skills. You will be asked to leave notes for authors after looking over and editing new articles. Read these articles for more help:
    • How to Welcome New wikiHow Users (boosting outreach is a little different from welcoming, but you'll want to be supportive and friendly to good-faith contributors, as well)
    • How to Resist Criticizing New Contributors on wikiHow
    • How to Coach Someone on wikiHow
  5. 5
    Read up on How to Use the New Article Boost app. Understanding how the NAB app works will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of New Article Boost, and it will prepare you in advance for part 3 of the test.
  6. 6
    Familiarize yourself with new pages patrol. Look at the new pages at Special:NewPages, and determine whether each new article needs cleanup or whether it violates the deletion policy. This is one of the best ways to gain familiarity for the NAB test.
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Part 2
Part 2 of 2:
Taking the Test
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  1. 1
    Take the first part of the NAB test. Go to this quiz page, and answer the multiple-choice questions, which are based on the merge policy. You must get 85% or over to pass.
    • If you take it and do not pass, you won't receive an email and must wait two weeks (or one month if you didn't pass multiple times) before taking the test again.
    • If you take it and pass, you will receive an e-mail with part two of the NAB test. It will include a selection of title policy questions, some more detailed multiple choice and short answer questions on boosting/editing scenarios, and a question on how you would approach outreach for an author while boosting an article they started.
  2. 2
    Wait for a response and have patience. Expect to receive the next part of your NAB test in about a week.
    • If you don't get part two of the NAB test after five days, please email [email protected].
    • If you don't pass this portion of the test, then you can repeat it after 90 days (or longer if you fail NAB Part 2 two times and more, or if staff have doubts about your abilities to boost effectively).
  3. 3
    Do part three of the test. For this part, you will receive provisional boosting rights so you can boost a certain number of articles to demonstrate your boosting abilities. You'll be told exactly how many to do via email.
    • During the trial portion of the test, you'll be able to carry out all the regular boosting activities (promotion, demotion, title changes, etc), except for voting in the NFD Guardian. You'll receive feedback based on your edits, actions, and messages as you go, or after you complete the batch as asked.
    • After you get that feedback, you will generally be asked to continue trial boosting for several other rounds of boosting, each time tackling up to the assigned batch quantity. Be sure to check in for feedback when you reach each limit, and to use the feedback to help you hone your skills as you go. Also, feel free to ask questions!
    • As long as you stay reasonably active and continue to do trial boosts when you can, there's no set time limit to how long you can take for your batches of boosting. However, if you go inactive during your trial, you'll get some follow-up reminders and check-ins about the status of your trial. If you still aren't active over a longer period of time and just aren't doing any trial boosting, your trial may be put on hold and your provisional rights removed until you can devote more time to the task.
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Community Q&A

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  • Question
    What if I want to take a wikiBreak during Part 3 of a quiz?
    Top Answerer
    If you're gone for quite a while, your trial may be stopped until you show you're ready to put more time into it.
  • Question
    How do I know if I have 300 contributions?
    Community Answer
    Go to your user page and scroll down. This page lists the number of contributions you've made.
  • Question
    Do New Article Boosters have forum rights?
    Top Answerer
    All registered users are able to access and post in the forums. New Article Boosters do not have any additional rights in the forums that a non-New Article Booster would not also have.
  • Question
    How do I add an email to my account?
    Community Answer
    Go to "My Profile" then to "My Preferences." Just under the wikiHow header are some hyperlinks. Click on the one that says "Notifications," then click "Set an E-Mail Address" and follow the instructions given to you on that page.
  • Question
    What are the passing marks for the Merge Policy quiz?
    Stephen Han
    Community Answer
    The passing grade for Part 1 of the test (the Merge Policy Quiz) is 85%. If you pass the first part of the test, you will be notified.
  • Question
    What if I keep failing the merge policy quiz?
    David James
    Community Answer
    Keep trying. You can do it! Make sure you read the merge policy very closely and really understand it. If you have questions about something, ask an administrator or a current booster!
  • Question
    Will my email address be shown to the public?
    Stephen Han
    Community Answer
    Your email address won't be shown to the public unless you choose to share it. It's only used for the test itself, and any feedback.
  • Question
    What is the second part of the quiz like?
    Top Answerer
    There are some title policy questions, example editing scenarios, and a coaching portion.
  • Question
    What are the perks and benefits of a booster?
    Community Answer
    New Article Boosters can promote and demote articles. They can apply to become Q&A patrollers and can vote on articles in NFD Guardian. They can also send out automated welcome messages to new contributors.
  • Question
    Do boosters have the ability to delete and merge articles?
    Community Answer
    New Article Boosters have the ability to participate in NFD votes, but anyone can Merge a wikiHow Article.
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      • Don't rush the test. You might want to type the test up somewhere and go back every day, changing your answers as needed. That way, you'll have had rest in between each modification and will probably score better.
      • Boosters also receive access to the NFD Guardian tool after one month of consistent boosting. The NFD Guardian tool is similar to Quality Guardian. It displays articles that have been nominated for deletion. Admins and New Article Boosters then vote on whether to keep or delete that article. If you have been a New Article Booster for a month or more and have continuously boosted articles during that time, contact Jayne to ask about NFD Guardian.
      • If you've come across a wikiHow user who has shown exceptional work editing and improving articles and isn't a New Article Booster yet, feel free to post {{Recruit Boost}} on their user talk page.
      • Understand that people often need to apply multiple times to receive NAB rights. You might be asked to edit more articles or reapply in a few months.
      • If you don't pass the test the first time, study the policies and other items outlined in the steps, as well as apply it to editing articles instead of focusing when you can retake it. You will feel a lot more confident when you're ready instead of just meeting the "minimum".
      • Don't just scroll through the policy page, actually read and understand the policies.
      • You can take a practice NAB Test by clicking here.
      • Practice answering questions about the site. Help answer some questions on the Help Team page as they arrive. Plus, it gives you some encouragement into getting in touch with other editors who could be a little skittish around the site.
      • If you're worried about sharing your email with wikiHow, you can make a separate wikiHow email.
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      • Misuse of your new article boost rights could result in them being removed, even after you pass the trial period.

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